Toy Cameras

With all the ease of digital cameras – instant feedback, no processing, no scanning, would one want to shoot film with a plastic “toy” camera? Because it’s fun! The inherent lack of digital technology forces you to make each frame count--no multiple frames per second or auto exposure--sort of a zen photo moment. The added bonus is the low-fidelity look you get such as; vignetting, the slight dreamy quality from the plastic lens and the occasional film fog. Oh, and no batteries.

I did these street portraits in Philadelphia a few months back using the Holga 120S and the Diana F+ plastic cameras with color negative film.

©Steven Biver, 2009


Light - Science & Magic, 3rd edition translations

Light - Science & Magic, An Introduction to Photographic Lighting, Third Edition is my first book with coauthors Fil Hunter and Paul Fuqua. Currently this book is available in six languages and a German translation is on the way. It's interesting to see how some of the foreign editions reworked the cover design.

©Elsevier, 2009